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Divinely Intimate
Feminine Mysteries

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline is a highly intuitive mystic initiated into the Feminine Mysteries through training, love and the intensities of a passion-driven life. Her now-thriving relationship of 30 years not only birthed three extraordinary humans, she and her 'earth man' husband have navigated and cleared ancestral imprints of betrayal, infidelity, sexual trauma, masculine/feminine polarization and the stale energetics of monogamy and marriage. 


Through studies with Caroline Myss, Chartres Mystery School, psychic-medium Lisa Williams and her own lived experience, Jacqueline embodies the wisdom, grace and discernment required to deepen into the

Art of Being Feminine: 


Body / Heart / Sex / Soul. 


Her personal and professional practice focuses on the rich intimacy required to live 'alive' - turned on by every facet of life from sex to food to creativity and expression. Time in Jacqueline's presence, under her intuitive guidance, radical truth and intimate attention is highly transformative, deeply healing and sensually activating. Her current body of work is devoted to midwifing the evolution of love, sexuality and relationship into a highly-revered expression of being and divinity for a new creation of life on our planet. 

Sessions offered below are intended to inspire and reveal the edges of your current life, creating spaciousness for release of what is no longer valid, and emergence into your next expression of love and artistry. These are the Aquarian signatures of our planet NOW. We serve as pioneers for the Golden Age in this its earliest expressions and innovation. 

Entering Jacqueline's body of work through either of these sessions serves as a portal into your next frequency of evolution in the unique signature of your human + soul. 

Single Session


Love, Sexuality, Relationship, Creativity, Divinity. Jacqueline delves into your desired inquiry through Jungian archetypal energetics, divine frequencies and a psychic-surgeon gift of seeing into your energy field, creating spaciousness for a new experience and intimacy with your sensual and creative desires.

Ideal for navigating the moments of life's transitions - whether the ending, beginning or desire for new relationship; teetering on the cusp of an inspired creational spark; deepening into a more intimate communion with divinity; opening into the purity, potency and expression of your own sexuality; or navigating shifts in a long-term marriage or partnership. 


Sessions are crafted for both men and women to come into a more enriching relationship to self, heal relational trauma, attune/upgrade to incoming Aquarian Love energies and create a life and intimate partnership that turn you on. 

60-90 minutes $250

Contact to book your session.

Intimate Feminine


The Intimate Feminine Immersion is a 1:1 experience crafted and designed between Jacqueline and her client, unique to each woman and her current and empowered engagement with her own desires to love, to become living art and create on her own and/or in partnership with another.

A deeply intimate immersion into herself, exquisitely held remotely or in Jacqueline's energy, experienced in her south Florida home. (Or a luxury home nearby/in location of your choice.)

Immersions range from a full day to 12 month mentorships.

Explore creating in communion with Jacqueline.

Love + Creational Energy Mapping

These sessions are a practice of divination to create and interpret your uniquely personal and intimate-to-you signature of feminine love, expression and service in this lifetime. Using a variety of systems including but not limited to mystical numerologies, key astrological aspects and archetypal influences - unlock the codes of divinity embedded within your dna, work with ancestral patterning to clear distortions and access the gold of your divinely-designed lineage. 


We go deep into the energetics, mystical tones and psychic imprints in these sessions. Shifts are rapid - and will also continue to unfurl over time, as alignments are attuned to how your personal system responds. Clients experience immediate and intense awakenings and transformations, and feel more intimate, alive and turned on to the magnetism of Self in Love and Life.


60-90 minutes $111

Contact to book your session. 

Retreats +


When one woman shares herself with another, there is a deep portal of communion accessed between the two. The energy unfurls with each one gathered and carried into the world as a feminine channel of grace, beauty, divinity and love in the world. 

She opens into herself and through the artistry of her essence and expression touches all with whom she is engaged. From Self, to Lover, to Family, to Community - She is a beautifully rich channel of divinity. 

Jacqueline offers classes, intensives and retreats remotely and in the Vero Beach, FL and New England areas. 

Current Offerings:

Monthly Virtual NOURISH Salon

ENCHANTED Maine Lakefront Retreat

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Client Experiences

Sofia Rose Griffith

Words are hard to find to express and describe the experience shared with Jacqueline. It was deep potent magic unveiling within my being and anchored into this dimension, yet interdimensionally experienced. This is something that I believe will be different for each individual as it is our energies that interact with one another and alchemize, creating a transformation that is unique to each individual. She is wide, deep, expansive and such pure love. I felt safe and held in a space that I was allowed me to go to my depths and richness and birth my fullness and multifaceted expressions into this existence. We moved a lot. Coded a lot. And I’m still unfurling...A LOT. I definitely recommend this experience to anyone that desires deep dive into themselves. I will caution though...this is deep life-changing, reality-shattering and shifting work. You will notice things do change and you become closer and deeper connected to you…and nothing is the same. ;) Buckle up buttercups and enjoy the descent into your woman. ;) I have decided to continue my journey with Jacqueline and the support is phenomenal and pure and helpful. Thank you . 

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