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Divinely Intimate
Feminine Mysteries

Jacqueline Robinson

Jacqueline is a highly intuitive mystic initiated into the Feminine Mysteries through training, love and the intensities of a passion-driven life. Her now-thriving relationship of 32 years not only birthed three extraordinary humans, she and her 'earth man' husband have navigated and cleared ancestral imprints of betrayal, infidelity, sexual trauma, masculine/feminine polarization and the stale energetics of monogamy and marriage. 


Through studies with Caroline Myss, Chartres Mystery School, psychic-medium Lisa Williams and her own lived experience, Jacqueline embodies the wisdom, grace and discernment required to deepen into the

Art of Being Woman


Body / Heart / Sex / Soul. 


Her personal and professional practice focuses on the rich intimacy required to live 'alive' - turned on by every facet of life from sex to food to creativity and expression. Time in Jacqueline's presence, under her intuitive guidance, radical truth and intimate attention is highly transformative, deeply healing and sensually activating. Her current body of work is devoted to midwifing the evolution of love, sexuality and relationship into a highly-revered expression of being and divinity for a new creation of life on our planet. 

Learn more about Jacqueline's intimately personal journey and story. 

When a WomanFalls in Love with Her Self,She Changes the World

For Your Woman

Being in Jacqueline's field elicits the opening of deeply-held love and desire for intimacy.


Having personally navigated twin flame love, energetic divorce, an extramarital affair, creation of a new marriage and parenting a transgender adult child - her lived experience has been fierce, passionate and at times, raw. All of which has enriched her discernment, wisdom and trust in a deeper connection to her self, her own truth and a divine intimacy with Life. 

Mentorships are unique to each individual and serve to release old, tired ways of engaging life and love. Clients experience a deeper connection to their everyday life - beyond the fantasies of an ideal life and into the experience, expression and creation of True Love through chosen relationship

With your self as Woman: You'll more intimately feel the sensations of being a Woman - this Woman, Your Woman - fully present in her body to experience the full force penetration of being alive. These become activated in your everyday moments. 

In your relationship as Wife (Committed Feminine Partner): The deeper love you've been craving and hungering for - by nature of your feminine design - becomes known and present between you and your relationship with him. (Committed Masculine Partner) 

As Women we are beautifully designed to engage from a heart of devotion. Your connection and intimate familiarity with Divinity as well as the ancient feminine energies (lineage, ancestors, grandmothers, the Earth, medicine women, witches, healers and mystics) serves as remembrance of who you truly are. 

Body, Heart, Sex + Soul.

I have been present for hundreds of women as they allow the walls of protection around their desire for love, to dissolve. To be intimately seen, witnessed and engaged is my genius and pleasure, through which the deepest longings of heart and soul dare to be known, spoken and embraced - no longer tucked away and labeled 'taboo'. I have the gift of seeing beyond the performances that have been handed down through our lineage and into a more holy and empowered center of your Woman. It is both the truth of my own *lived embodiment and the timeless honor of my soul to walk beside you. - Jacqueline

This time in 1:1 engagement with Jacqueline is highly charged with transformative energy - going RIGHT TO THE HEART of your True Love desires. 

  • You'll fall in love with your own feminine essence rather than resist it, becoming softened and open to experiencing love without fawning and losing the pure beauty and full potency of the Woman you are. 

  • The elements and relationships in your life become more sensually alive.

  • Creativity begins to flourish as your true signature of energy opens a new embodiment of erotic vitality

  • Sexuality deepens and becomes liberated and grounded within your system. 

  • Your tone of expression becomes more clear, centered, ripe and enchanting. 

  • You simply dissolve the inherited, expected, programmed ways of being Woman that do not and have not ever belonged to you. 

Each woman immersed in mentorship with Jacqueline

Comes home

Experiences belonging

Claims her birthright 

Embodies, lives and creates her dream business, life, love, art

To love. To be loved. To become Love. To make more Love. 

By simply being her Beautiful Self. 

All that is required is your YES. 

Transformative experiences with Jacqueline are offered in 3, 6 or 12 month mentoring packages. 


3 Months 

  • Weekly Calls

  • Voice Message Support

6 Months

  • Weekly Calls

  • Voice Message Support

  • *Bonus DEEPER Course

12 Months

  • Weekly Calls

  • Voice Message Support

  • *Bonus DEEPER Course

  • *Bonus CREATRIX Salon

  • *Bonus all offered courses

Client Experiences

Red DEEPER Mini Course Header_edited_edited.jpg

Sofia Rose Griffith

Words are hard to find to express and describe the experience shared with Jacqueline. It was deep potent magic unveiling within my being and anchored into this dimension, yet interdimensionally experienced. This is something that I believe will be different for each individual as it is our energies that interact with one another and alchemize, creating a transformation that is unique to each individual. She is wide, deep, expansive and such pure love. I felt safe and held in a space that I was allowed me to go to my depths and richness and birth my fullness and multifaceted expressions into this existence. We moved a lot. Coded a lot. And I’m still unfurling...A LOT. I definitely recommend this experience to anyone that desires deep dive into themselves. I will caution though...this is deep life-changing, reality-shattering and shifting work. You will notice things do change and you become closer and deeper connected to you…and nothing is the same. ;) Buckle up buttercups and enjoy the descent into your woman. ;) I have decided to continue my journey with Jacqueline and the support is phenomenal and pure and helpful. Thank you . 

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