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Soft Pink Rose

The Intimate Feminine Immersion

Women are imbued

with mystical codes of love.

When a woman falls in love with her self

She is fully, deeply, intimately present for her life.

She becomes and receives

the love she IS and desires most. 

From within

And without.

- Jacqueline xx

What is a Feminine Immersion?

Women have forgotten how deeply we long TO LOVE. How vast our love is. The impact a woman in love has on the world around her.

Without trying.

We have forgotten

Because we are separated from the core of our design

The deep and dark depths of Love’s potency, tenderness and ferocity to breathe and unfurl from within.


We have traded certainty for our beautifully raw nakedness.

Good enough for opening into the unknown.

When a woman is disconnected from the nucleus of her own beautifully unique signature of love, she will seek that love out in a partner, her children, others around her. Her interior foundation of stabilized intimacy becomes distorted and her ability to sense and discern what is real, what is for her experiences energetic 'holes' through which even the most corrupted frequencies of 'love' can enter and siphon the beautifully sensitive and potent nectar of her exquisite expressions of eros. 

From the 'good girl' to the 'whore' - there are programs, beliefs and expectations that can become locked inside her cellular and physical body, her heart, sex, psyche, nervous system and energy field. Intimately held time and space with Jacqueline witnesses, heals and alchemizes stagnant and frozen places within the feminine body and system. 

embodying Your Unique Signature

The Intimate Feminine Immersion is an experience crafted and designed between Jacqueline and her client, unique to each woman and her current and desired engagement with her own desires to love, to become living art and create on her own and/or in partnership with another. 

As a woman who has navigated the intense and taboo portals of what it is to love, to engage with deep sensual and mystical sexual expression, to speak the language of eros and mystical feminine love - Jacqueline understands and teaches the potent truth of a woman not only needing and loving herself, but deepening into shared communion with other women. 

In no way is sacred feminine communion offered as replacement or surrogate for her desire to enter or expand into exquisite love with a partner. There are luxuriously nourishing conversations, practices and movements understood and enhanced when women share their stories, their hearts, their dreams and visions with one another. 

Jacqueline has worked intimately with women both privately and within group settings for nearly 15 years. On a personal level her life, her love, sex and creation are wildly activated through her own relationships with women. While some of the women in her up close and personal spaces have shifted over the years, each one has opened a new place within Jacqueline's feminine art and expression. 

There are conversations not meant for our men or lovers. Places women intuitively, mystically know how to navigate together that belong to the feminine essence and internal landscape. In fact, the more deeply we connect with other women, the more juicy our romantic love and relationships can become. There is a spaciousness that flows over into bonded partnership that comes only through a woman feeling herself fully, expressing, loving, creating and LIVING ALIVE. 

Jacqueline's desire and mandate in creating The Intimate Feminine Immersion that is right and aligned for her clients in this moment is birthed from deep within her own unfurling and initiations as a deeply mystical feminine woman. She innately sees and senses both the beauty within a woman and the patterns of cellular 'truth' that keep her separated from her own gorgeous expression and impact on those she loves and the world around her. 

Through the  s l o w i n g  of her body, energy and movements, she deepens into the feminine chalice of channeled expression, creation and love. Time with Jacqueline exposes brilliantly held artistry and integrates the purity of her life's unfolding with the enchanted creation and realization of her desires.  


  • To become completely involved in a particular interest or activity

  • Dip or submerge in a liquid

She becomes immersed in the juicy aliveness of her own unique Life Force...

Awakened, flowing, creating, unfurling - utterly and completely involved in the weaving together of her own richness. 


Enchanted Woman Immersion


  • State of being deeply engaged

  • State of being completely covered

Invited and received into herself, deeply engaging the fullness and beauty of the Woman she IS...

Covered by the luxurious intimacy, intentional enchantment and creative potency of her own immersion...


What Do You Most Desire *Right Now*?


Every Woman I have encountered in my years of loving and mentoring women carries deeply cherished desires within her heart, memory and being. For some - these will come true to the fullest extent with ease. For others, thereare old pathways of knowing and sensing her self that become ready for upgrades and alchemization into her NOW. 

Accessing her desires - true, pure heart, sex + soul desires - is a feminine pathway into more sensuous intimacy, inspired and partnered creation, relationships she has only dreamed about, and a life and way of being that turns her on from the inside out. 

Intimate Feminine Immersions are designed and enchanted with divinity to awaken precisely these energetics within her system. As incoming Aquarian nuances enter our reality and demand we evolve into new ways of being with ourselves, our love and our lives - NOW is the time to deepen into the gorgeous radiance and potency of being YOU that our world so intimately needs - and desires. 

I am honored to walk beside you as you step into the Unknown, allowing the intense and infinite void of your innate feminine love to consume you and warm all whom you touch.  



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