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True Love



3 Month Feminine Immersion with Jacqueline Robinson


You are a Woman who is designed to feel, share and make deep love in partnered relationship. The rich magic of who you are in your most beautiful and potent feminine expression intensifies and opens within an intentional relationship. Becomes MORE. You are is a highly potent, devotedly intimate, beautifully creative Woman whose love carries ancient medicine and magic that can change worlds. 

- it remains locked away behind an invisible barrier and you know it's time to shift this. 

You also understand that as Woman - you possess ancient 

You want to FEEL *the* experience of love that answers the deepest hunger inside you. 
There is a space within a woman's heart that is reserved for the chosen partner who will create with her a life that feels alive.
Generative - breeding prosperity, establishing lineage, 


You want to understand and connect with your've healed your masculine and are calling in your 'King.' 

You are committed to feeling the erotic heat of being're in submission to his leadership. 

You ache to live the practice of intentional're dedicated to being in your feminine. 

You long for a deeply devoted, timeless share your most vulnerable desires with him.

And still the passion within you feels unexpressed. Your marriage has moments of the extraordinary, but feels mostly mundane. The Man you desire to give your love and devotion to has not yet fully arrived. 

You're doing allllll the things. Going deep within yourself to heal, to manifest what you most desire. You're doing the rituals, reciting the mantras, hiring the leading coaches in divine relationship. 

The hunger remains. You know there's more and yet that sweet nectar of living *your* True Love Story remains hidden behind an invisible and elusive barrier.  

You know without a doubt it belongs to you - but how to claim it and materialize the reality you desire with the man you love? 

You're putting in overtime effort to create the marriage of your dreams, to feel you and your Man are interwoven and moving toward a shared goal of how to live life on this planet, in this season of your Woman and her relationship: 

Reading the posts. 

Shifting your thoughts. 

Healing your pain. 

Speaking your desires. 

Following his lead. 

Wearing the dress. 

Saying the prayer. 

Yet - you feel frustrated. Exhausted. Tricked. 

And while you may have grown and healed through it all - this depth of Love and Intimacy is not enough. 

The Love in you remains unexpressed, unmet, unanswered. 

The voice inside you says 'ENOUGH' while feeling it's never 'enough.' 

You KNOW you are meant for MORE. 

You don't have to do it this way. xx

What if I told you that what you desire already belongs to you? Here's how you materialize what you most long for out of seemingly thin air

Stop following someone else's rules of engagement

When you're trying to 'do the thing' - that's the energy that comes through - trying to emulate what belongs to someone else

Committing to a practice because you were told it's what works - isn't what works. Your body can sense the absence of YOU - and so can his. 

Trying to get him to follow your lead, to read the books, take advice from mentors you feel have the answers - only turns him off

He is not made to engage reality the way you are. The masculine and feminine designs are vastly different in the ways we create reality and experience love

It's not your job to show him the way. That's between him and his God. ALONE. 

You don't get to tell him what he's doing wrong. he has a mother - you're his partner/wife. 

He's not responsible for your hurt feelings. This, too, belongs to you and is yours to understand and evolve. 

Your man is instinctual and has his own divine connection. He can energetically sense when you are *trying to make something happen. 

This is not your natural feminine way. 

As a woman, you are imbued with exquisite, innate Feminine Arts. It's within your nature to become fertile, be seeded and birth the new. 

Your unique Feminine Signature carries a potency to enchant and inscribe her desires into reality. 

This is not about him - but has everything to do with you and Your Woman. With the power of being HER that remains veiled and silent within your being

You are the key holder and the claiming of this power is essential to your relationship evolving into deeper love and creation. 

The love story you're living is stale, dated and begging to be rewritten

YOU are the orchestrator of its telling. Your marriage and Love cannot evolve when you are living the same old narrative from within. 

When you rewrite the manuscript, you choose a new reality and it becomes birthed through you

Your perspective changes, the signature of your energy in relationship becomes more in sync with the full-bodied woman you are now, with the maturity of your marriage and relationship. 

He responds to the energetic upgrade, to the release of old stale energy and feels the magnetizing enchantment of True Love you are writing into form through your own embodiment.

You possess the powers of feminine enchantment. You are the one who blesses and anoints your love with the magic that *belongs to You.*

It must come from *your voice, *your heart, *your wisdom, *your sex - and cannot be fabricated. 

Your woman has the answers. She weaves the True Love Story that is yours to live. 

This is your BIRTHRIGHT. 

You've done the work - now it's time to craft your magic. 

I'm Jacqueline Robinson and I teach women how to fall in love with themselves and the life they are creating. In 2020, I shared with my husband the revelation of my affair. Since then, we have created and are living the True Love Story of my dreams.


The women who enter my field experience deep, lasting and potent shifts in feeling the full-bodied, rich pleasure  of being Woman

I tried all the things to make it work. Communicated my desires until I felt emptied of everything I could touch inside me. It was never enough and I continued living my own discontent until I DECIDED...

To take the risk and stop hiding away the Woman I truly am. To claim the fullness of my own sexuality, divinity, expression, desire and ability to create what I truly want. 

Transforming our marriage required that I go DEEPER into the embodiment of BEING Jacqueline - rather than trying to alter my reality from the outside in. 

What initiated from this place is a more intimately *lived* expression of my Woman. I stopped prodding and waiting for him to change and instead chose to step into my birthright of feminine magic and creation. 

This had to come through me and could not become activated as long as I continued living someone else's truth.

I wanted *him to fix it, to change and be the one who led us into the marriage of my dreams - leaving my own feminine power silent inside me

I had to CHOOSE to go deeper into my Woman, to activate her magic, her pleasure and my own intimacy with Jacqueline.

To have more luxury and richness in my marriage required *I* initiate its presence within ME first

I tried - did all the things to make it different in my relationship, including have an affair. 

Nothing changed. 

Until I CHOSE. I began speaking the radical truth that lived inside me. Again and again I decided to feel the raw, vulnerable burn of being seen. 


I stopped avoiding what I feared would disrupt the carefully contained balance of loving this man - my husband. 

I chose to love him, right now, for the man he IS, rather than the potential I wanted HIM to choose. 


I trusted my woman and rather than continue questioning 'is he the right one' I honored my heart and soul choosing of him - even in the moments I couldn't FEEL it at all. 

Instead of relying on the erotic sensations of 'turn-on' being my guide, I devoted myself to the love I knew was true inside me. 

That love became more and more grounded rather that up and down like a rollercoaster that left me nauseous, questioning, irritable and rejecting the man I love. 

I anchored the energy of our love - MY LOVE - into my psyche, no longer giving my energy to the emotional fluctuations. 

Every bit of this required a deeper and deeper TRUST and embrace of Jacqueline and her truth. 

I had to mature into the woman I am now and take ownership of her desires, her movements, her expectations and disappointment. 

In each of these movements, I was initiated into a more mature, discerning and intimately engaged WOMAN. 

She is the one who moves me now and has birthed our True Love Story - one that is grounded in seemingly mundane everyday reality and honors the mystical nature of my gifts and genius. 

My husband became less distanced and studied in his engagement with me. Our lovemaking transcended the usual marital sex and the creation of our life *together came alive. 

Not because I led him to it....

But because I chose to become a self (and soul) led Woman. 

Feminine Immersion 

An intimate group of women who will deepen into accessing your own magic and crafting the True Love Story that belongs to you and will become your life. 

We do this TOGETHER because the threads of our individual feminine magic weave a Tapestry of initiatory Love for each of us and every woman we touch. 

This is for you if:

You are a Woman on the cusp of transformation in your relationship and you know the narrative must change

You want to access the feminine power within to RECODE The stale Love Story you've been living

Your hunger to practice the potency of your own feminine arts to enchant, to birth and materialize is all-consuming

You're bored and fed up with 'the same old story' of your marriage or experience of relationship and you know it's time to Burn it down and begin again

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This is for You If:

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Multilingual Functionality

Your hunger to practice the potency of your own feminine arts to enchant, to birth and materialize is all-consuming


24/7 Support

activation and practice of the ancient feminine power to enchant


Advanced Tech

You're bored and fed up with 'the same old story' of your marriage or experience of relationship and you know it's time to Burn it down and begin again

How It Looks: 
  • Teaching Transmission x1 Monthly

  • Live Salon x1 Monthly

  • Open Writing x1 Monthly

  • Group Voice Chat

BEING WITH WOMEN - the power, the cauldron, the amplification




+ 2 Private Sessions with Jacqueline

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