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Every Woman has encountered the energy of forbidden love and not always in the way of acting on the taboo. More often it's the love you desire to feel, to share, to experience - partnered with all the (subconscious) reasons you can't, shouldn't, don't. 

In this 4 hour Feminine Salon - we're breaking all the spells handed down through the women of your dna. 

As we embrace the story that truly belongs to you, purifying your blood lineage, we will activate the energies of enchanting and materializing the love *you* desire to live in your everyday life. 


Unveil the Taboo, Embrace Your True Essence

Welcome to "The Scarlet Woman," an exclusive retreat that invites you to explore the depths of love and the magic of your femininity. This isn't just a salon; it's a sanctuary where the unspoken is shared, where the taboo becomes a treasure, and where every woman is celebrated for her unique journey.

Discover the Forbidden Wisdom of Love

In a world that often shies away from the depths of desire, "The Scarlet Woman" offers a bold, refreshing dive into the art of taboo love. Uncover the power of your passion, the beauty in your deepest longings, and the freedom in embodying your true self.

Embrace the Love You Deserve

We invite you to allow yourself to love freely, fiercely, and fully. In these four transformative hours, you'll discover the keys to unlocking a love that is both liberating and life-affirming.

Celebrate the Woman Within

This retreat is a celebration of you—the lineage you carry, the beauty you exude, and the love you have to offer. It's time to recognize the incredible woman you are and the potent love you're capable of giving and receiving.

Engage in Enlightening Discussion

"The Scarlet Woman" is also a dialogue, a chance to engage in meaningful conversations about love, relationships, and the wisdom of womanhood. Share your story, listen to others, and find connection in the shared threads of experience.



Your Journey Awaits

Join us for "The Scarlet Woman" and step into a realm where love knows no bounds, where the whispers of the heart are heard loud and clear, and where the magic of your femininity is the guest of honor.

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with Jacqueline Robinson 

A descendent of the real-life Hester Prynne, Jacqueline's entire childhood and most of her marriage were filled with deep, intense and often unmet longings for boundless love. With intention, she chose to open into more, to express her desires and the embodied experience of living the fullness of her own Scarlet lineage - even in the face of taboo and scandal. Much to her delight, the movement of going deeper into the intensity of her own heart opened new pathways in her relationship as Jacqueline and her husband now live the True Love she is made to birth and share. 

One Salon - Three Alchemizing Discussions

I've been right where you are:

- Sensing the glass ceiling of true love, feeling unable to break through
- Knowing I have 'everything' and still it doesn't feed the hunger to LIVE the boundless love my woman craves
- Understanding I am made for love - and having no idea how to let it pour through
- Feeling blocked at every turn by 'the right way' to engage in love, relationship, intimacy
- Possessing deep hunger for sexual connection so intensely it became an obsession in my psyche and body
- Realizing the way I love is huge and for many can be 'too much' 
- Engaging the deeper taboos of forbidden love, believing I would never live what is inscribed into my bones

I found my way through and in these four hours together - I will share my experience and the keys to liberating your Scarlett Woman into the love you are designed to live and breathe *now. 

Your TABOO is your GOLD. So often we tuck it away for safekeeping - OUR safekeeping. To not rock the boat, step out of line, elicit scandal or criticism for the 'kind of woman' you are. 

The story of Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter is birthed from the real-life experience of my ancestor Mary Magdalene Bailey Beadle. She chose to love in a Puritan time when so many expressions of love and sexuality were forbidden. She was publicly shamed and punished for SIMPLY LOVING. 

This imprint remained in my bloodline until I dared to look our fear of loving STRAIGHT IN THE FACE.

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Thursday, February 29
11:00am - 3:00pm EST

  includes time for discussion and replay will be available

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

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