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Weaving Women Together Around the Globe

TAPESTRY Feminine Collective is a mission and ministry created by Jacqueline to uplift, honor and celebrate the Art of Being Woman. Newly birthed in the summer of 2023, our 11/11 virtual weekend event opened pathways of feminine creation and community that will continue to deepen and grow in the months and years ahead. 

We are currently gathering within a private and *free FB group, with teachings, shares, engagement and events to come. 


Every Woman is welcome here. 


In the late spring of 2023, a vision was downloaded in my consciousness that outlined very clearly the creation of a Feminine Collective - a global gathering of Women who come together with intention to share our unique gifts in service to ourselves, our divinity, our relationships and family, and ultimately for the expansion and evolution of our planet. 

Feminine energy is rapidly evolving in its signature. Specifically, as we enter these early stages of the Aquarian age. Women have access to more than ever throughout our history. We now weave together the ancient feminine roots of love in creation with our modern privilege, wisdom and open access to the sacred mysteries held within our blood and bones. 

Every bit is needed in this time. Each Woman possesses her own unique lineage of feminine artistry - which is the expression of her true dna, purified of trauma, wounding and the censorship of our voice, energy and art. 

Simply being Woman, designed with the imprint of feminine energy entitles us to the creation of art - whether through our healing medicine, the literal creation of art, service to community, sharing of wisdom through voice, song, story and visual or simply the love and tending to our families. 

These are the feminine resources that will change the course of life on our planet for generations to come. We have been silenced for centuries - both as intentionally quieting the feminine power and then through the continuum of our feminine ancestors whose nervous systems continued to hold the fear and censorship of our hearts, our wombs, our gorgeous expression of being Woman. 

You - your artistry, your wisdom, your medicine and voice - are needed now. 

We are the new Ancient Ones - Feminine Ancestors whose seeds of creation, love and magic will birth a world far into the future. One that our daughters, granddaughters and great, great, great granddaughters will experience because we chose to answer the call being signaled to each one of us NOW. 



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