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'Not My Will, But Thine' - Sex Magic + Preparing for the Death

We both knew what we were doing - and at the same time had no idea how charging the KA body energy was the literal preparation for his death.

In the spring of last year George and I began practicing from The Magdalene Manuscript - Alchemies of Horus and the Sex Magic of Isis with the intention to deepen into a new dimension of our relationship, marriage, love and creativity. Two years after my revelation of an affair, the intimacy with my husband was expanding to new levels. Beyond what even I imagined we would ever touch.

We intentionally made our new home on the eastern coast of Florida in 2021, because we understood the potency and absolute necessity of being in the sun, as it carries energetic coding and frequency to charge the cellular and spiritual bodies. As we have come together in this new consciousness of *marriage*, more and more our steps, our choices, our lovemaking and movements in this world are driven by the underlying desire to birth and experience the new. For each of us the old energetics of doing life, living relationship, being together had failed us.

Not only were we committed to change, there is a tone of destiny and dharma in its unfolding. Our love was transforming from the karmic imprints that had kept us separated from the marriage we each desired, into a dharmic expression of creative energy and spiritual grounding on this planet as the greatest evolution in our history continues to revolutionize us all.

Charging the KA body felt easy - and also soulfully uplifting. We practiced together and apart, bringing through the alchemies that already were impacting change and multi-dimensional connection. George is an earth man all the way. Spiritual airy-fairy dialogue and practice are a total turn off to his being. But something about charging his KA (spirit) body in the sun through his breath and conscious mind appealed to him.

What we didn't know - is within months he would be face-to-face with death and indeed places in him *would* die in the process. Kundalini energy has been hijacked by the distortions in the spiritual and tantric communities, and I've had my own encounter with these illusions, so the word itself is a turn off for me. And yet - in the practices channeled by the Magdalene in the manuscript, the black and white serpents represent channels of masculine and feminine energy rising in the system. Not only for the practice of making love, but at a much more intense level and frequency - as preparation for the death of Christ and all she knew he would be going through in his own dying process.

These are the parallels I now see:

- Long before the death of her Beloved, the Magdalene was trained and engaged in the art of sexual alchemy. This was not simply for the pleasure of being together, to share in the sacredness of their union - nor was it specifically intended to create a new life and way of moving in the world together.

These intentioned practices were known in her mind to be in preparation for his death.

In retrospect, it's very clear George and I were practicing in preparation for his death. We strengthened his spirit and energy body, which I am certain allowed him to come through the horrors that wracked his physical body.

I carry the codes of a sexual alchemist and through this love, they are purifying and my embodiment of the Magdalene is intimately connected to his soul. Beyond what my human has seen or known. I trust this implicitly.

- Strengthening his KA body allowed Christ's spirit to remain intact even as his body was tortured and mutilated, his life taken from him. The Magdalene not only loved and saw this man for the magnificence he was, she understood there was more to his life than simply the love they shared. She innately knew he would be a model of new life on this planet and his death would become a marker of distinct change in time, energy and presence in our world.

I feel these energetics in George. The infection running through his body was symbolic for all he could no longer tolerate in this world, very much like the 'sins' being purified on behalf of all. In the weeks that followed, I watched him open and share deeply held heartaches - with me and with his children. We witnessed a man who set a new foundation for his relationship to life, to love, to his children and the ways he wanted them to *know him.

This experience and the spiritual and near-physical death he encountered mark a distinct change in time, energy and presence in our world. Ours - and the world at large. George is a pioneer of what is on the horizon - and I know he is bringing through new energetics for the generations to come as our earth shifts her place in history.

- There were 3 days between the death of Christ and his resurrection.

George remained in the hospital for 3 weeks following his emergency surgery. The number 3 is a 'seal' in Huna mysticism. I hear the words "it is finished."

- Even in his dying and following his death - she stayed with him. Remained outside the tomb where his body lay void of life.

I sat by his side EVERY day for as many hours as the hospital allowed. It broke my heart to leave him alone at night, and when our children came we circled around him every moment we were able.

The phrase 'not my will, but thine' rang through my being loud and clear in the days of George's 'death' - and have informed my life and client sessions, remaining a steady mantra and presence ever since. I watched him use up every last drop of the powerfully cultivated, immense will in this Aries warrior of a man until eventually he was only in the hands of God. Any power he had to withstand the intensity of pain over weeks of time was dead. No longer could he function on his own will. HIs life support was the energy of God, of Christed consciousness, of something incredibly bigger than he.

What must be mentioned here is in our family George is the patriarch. When his father passed over 10 years ago, George's final words to him were crystal clear:

I will carry on for you.

He's also the foundation and guiding light for our children. I myself was still in the maiden/child stage when we married, so for many years that was me as well as the three beautiful humans we created together. In my extended family he has been a pillar of strength and source of financial, emotional and masculine energy and support.

For him to no longer have access to the power of his own will to push through, get it done, make it happen, do what needs to be done - was devastating to his system. Up until this point, this internal drive to succeed had been his compass.

(It's worth noting here as well, around the time we began practicing these magicks, George turned 60 and my gift to him was a beautifully Scottish-crafted, engraved compass with his birth coordinates on it. TRUE NORTH.)

These parallels and the man I am now making love, sharing life and creating with is indeed a new man. I see even more the impact he has on this world and the ways in which his spirit, his human and his way-of-being touch and uplift those around him. I believe that together we are forging a new path of love and relationship - of what it means to be in an ordained and intentioned marriage of consciousness.

I continue to be awed by all that is being shown to me, to him, to us. By the ways my beloved earth man is experiencing himself and engaging as a true Man of God. It doesn't look anything like I imagined it would - or how the spiritual and new age communities have fashioned it to be. This energy is grounded, real, relatable and pure. The resurrection (awakening) of his being carries no need to oversex, manipulate, postulate or spell cast. The purity of God-force energy runs through him, talks to him, guides him and is redirecting our love, marriage and mission in this lifetime.

Trust the tiniest of guidance that comes into and through you. We live in partnership with the Divine, with God and the Universe - and it is not always for us to know in advance what our choices will create. George and I had no idea death was coming for him. The energies we each were working through and into in the spring of 2022 were in fact steps on a path we are meant to walk and birth into this world.

I know we are harbingers of a new love. Marriage has become so distorted in its execution and expression, we have turned away from what it is to truly be in union and muddied the engagement of timeless love with sexual sensationalism and a plethora of paradigms doomed to fail.

There is so much more.....




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