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Enchanted Retreat

Feminine Magic Unfurled

“I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” - Herman Hesse


Imagine yourself beautifully seated in a luxurious and nostalgic lakefront setting, tended to with the utmost intention and care, indulging in the magic and pleasure of life....


ENCHANTED is a highly alchemizing experience in which your every sense will be teased into a relaxed state of creative expression. From decadently prepared foods to rich scenery and intimate feminine connection - this charming summer retreat in the north woods of Maine has been crafted with your every whim, desire and delight in mind. 

The energetic underbelly of this time together is a powerful deepening into highly ENCHANTED feminine practice and authentic earth magick, in addition to ancestral ritual and ceremony. Each of these has been carefully considered and included in this transformative portal out of time. 

Our everyday lives can become seemingly 'ordinary.' It's been the human approach for lifetimes that in order to experience the miraculous, we must exit the mundane. However, the pulse of Life is in major transition and our natural state of being is becoming more and more interwoven - partnering the magick and the mundane. 

Caroline Myss years ago termed this the age of 'monks without monasteries.' Meaning no longer is the mystical life meant to be lived separate and outside of our everyday reality - instead they are to become one. Our current consciousness weaves together the most extraordinary of moments and experiences, with the grounded, earthy qualities of walking this planet as a human. 

ENCHANTED offers practical, hands-on ways to deeply connect with the feminine mysteries and innate enchantments we possess - some of which we may not even be aware remain tucked into our blood and bones, awaiting the time of release and expression. 

Facilitators Lisa Erickson + Jacqueline Robinson are each women who embody this reality in their personal lives, mingling ethereal and quantum magicks with the practicality and pleasure of our planet and all it offers. Each of these women are uniquely practiced in the Art of Being Woman and the luxury of not only pleasure but powerful creation she is privileged to engage in this world. 

The lakeside retreat is certainly a portal out of time - but one in which each moment is intentionally infused with application in your everyday reality. Every woman in attendance will return to her home transformed - becoming *more* than when she departed. There is a place within her that will become activated, awakened and integrated into the ways in which she moves through her time with family, partner, business, artistry.


Her pleasures become more embodied, welcomed and recognized within her system. Her gifts illuminate, revealing powers previously unmet. Her heart expands, opening into a love she had no idea existed outside of fantasy. Her body calms in the presence of feminine connection, mystical practice, real-world laughter and tears. 

ENCHANTED is precisely how her nervous system will experience these moments encoded for her own precise next unfurling. We are continuously evolving - and this retreat is intentioned with an up level to her creation and love codes. 

To become ENCHANTED is to be filled with delight, to charm the senses and inspire the soul. To tease open every taste and desire that lives within her being and heart. To connect a woman even more intimately with the depth and beauty of WHO SHE IS.


This is the craft of Magick at its most fundamental level:

For a Woman to love and know herself, to feel divinely connected with her gifts, her love, her own unique signature and blueprint of human and soul.


She innately offers this to the world - whether her family, her sisterhood, her colleagues and beloveds. A Woman who is attuned to and in relationship with her own internal magick showers grace upon everyone and everything she touches - with little or no effort. 

The Feminine IS bewitching. Charming. Delightfully attractive. And magical AF. 

Yet these magicks have become distorted, stagnant, DIS-enchanted within her system. Even the very *thought of an Enchantress stirs a darkness, interwoven with uncertainty and fear in the psyche - sorceries of manipulation, seduction and distortion. Not only because of the sordid history of Witch Trials across the planet, but also because of our separation from who we truly are, from all we possess and carry within our bones. 

Separated from our selves and ALL we are designed to create. 

NOW it's time to change that. To open Pandora's Box and purify the entanglements of shadow that have left her feeling powerless, disconnected from her innate abilities to direct, channel and enrapture. 

The energy of Aquarius is encoded with magic unlike we have experienced or practiced on openly on this planet for lifetimes.


Shapeshifter, medium, spellcaster, mystic, witch, priestess, medicine woman, artist,

healer, siren, shaman, muse, fairy, mermaid -

all connect with the energy of the Enchantress

The gift of Enchantment belongs to the Feminine and lives within the cellular body and blood of every woman. 

Intimate Lakehouse Retreat in the Enchanted Forest of Maine

A Highly Encoded Experience Crafted Especially For You

Two Women with ancestral roots in the witchy-woo soil of New England history - including The Scarlet Letter, Witch Trials and a potent historical lineage of magic and transformative feminine energy...

Lisa + Jacqueline have been practicing alchemy in their personal lives, relationships, business and wellness for more than 40 years combined. Each possesses her own uniquely nuanced and cultivated way of engaging ceremony and magic in everyday life. 

To come together in this creation is a dream come true for each of these women, and they have taken great care in each of its elementS and allowed the timing to reveal itself. 

Now - they invite you into their personal practice and ENCHANTED realm of feminine expression through the lens of a seemingly ordinary life. 

Intimate Feminine Connection

Enhance and amplify your experience and embodiment of a fully ENCHANTED Woman: 

sleep, dream, create, laugh, play, share meals and luxuriate with an intentional gathering of women.

Lakeside, Maine  

3 full days + 4 nights

August 23-27, 2023

*Very Limited Space Available

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Enchantress energy is cultivated
through the divinely-ordained art
of intimately crafting her intention into creation. 

This is her birthright and innate feminine design. 

In this time together, we will deepen into what it truly is to ENCHANT, experience the sensation of being ENCHANTED, and become ENCHANTING through your own unique mystical signature. Exploring archetypal feminine magics, practicing and embodying the ways energy moves through your body and energy field, deepening into HOW to craft your magic in both every day life AND IN THE BEDROOM. 

For a woman to fully claim, integrate and practice her personal magic requires a clearing of the imprints that have come through her ancestry as well as held within the collective, and continue to live and breathe within her body, nervous system and subconscious. 

Engaging the feminine tones of magic with full presence and the desire to connect with all that belongs to her and to the women of her soul and human dna, with deep permission and experience of being seen, claimed, cleared and ultimately practiced with beauty, ease and grace.

Her ultimate intention is to create more Love, to deepen into herself and bring through all that has been held within her energy and cellular field from the origin of her being and essence. 

Most women in present time have very little intimacy with the mystical gifts and magic that run through her blood. Fear, distrust and misuse have left a haunting bind on the feminine lineage of magic. Whether consciously or not, we are always practicing our personal craft (and prayer). Enchanted brings the practice into full potency, infused with intention, divinity, purity and integrity. 

The transmissions, activations and hands-on practice of verbal, energetic and written enchantments,

immaculate conception of both devotional and creative energy into the materialization of her visions,

channeling and purely-held intentions will be offered in the Enchanted Retreat. 

Our retreats are privately held, with all sharing, creation and practice intimately contained within the circle of women present. This space is energetically sealed for the duration of our time together and discernment will be a core pillar of our deepening and activation. 

Enchanted Jacqueline Robinson
Enchanted Love Potion
Enchanted Love Journals

The Enchanted Retreat intimately connects you with the Divinity of who you are as Woman creating, expressing the artistry of your Feminine Beauty from the inside out. 

Evolutionary codes of Magic are coming through with potency for the Women of our Time - EdgeWalkers seeding and becoming fully seated within the Aquarius Feminine Energies. Unlike anything seen, experienced or known in our lifetime - or ever - on this planet, these energetics are deeply, rapidly transformative and lifechanging. 

Included in the experience:

  • 1:1 and group time with Lisa + Jacqueline

  • Personalized Spellcraft Creation 

  • Devotional Divination Rituals

  • Ceremonial Practice, including Cacao Heart Opening + Sound Bath

  • Boat Coffee Time on the Lake

  • Sacred Touch Bodywork Session with Jacqueline

  • Nervous System Upgrade + Calibration with Lisa

  • Day Excursion to nearby Mountains, Waterfalls + Village Shops

  • All-Inclusive Accommodation + Meals

Full Pay - $6500

3 Payments - $2200/each

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Golden Feminine Alchemy
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