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5 Days to More
Intimate Connection

Transform Your Marriage or Path to Commitment in Just 5 Days

Welcome to Your Relationship Revolution

Are you seeking to deepen the bond in your marriage or yearning for a committed, fulfilling relationship?


Sink in to "DEEPER: 5 Days to More Intimate Connection" Mini-Course – your gateway to a love that’s both profound and enduring,

ripening with erotic vitality

Over 60 women have joined this experience, with immediate shifts highly visible within themselves and in their relationships. 

These teachings were not available to our mothers, grandmothers and the women who came before. We are the women who will birth a new expression of feminine love and relationship upon our planet. 


Jacqueline's magnetic, high-integrity teaching style combines 31 years of lived experience as wife and mother, navigating an extramarital affair in her marriage, and nearly 20 years of mystical practice and integration in her life and intimate relationships. 

Our generation of women serve as the bridge between a world we've known and one newly forming as the events and energy of our time initiate upheaval and a call for community. 

This begins with Marriage

Evolves into Family

Creates Community. 

Step 1 is *right here:*

Choose to cultivate more intimacy where you desire it most: in your Love Relationship. 


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What This Course



Understanding Your Relationship Landscape: DO YOU CHOOSE HIM?



The Art of Heartfelt Communication: CLAIMING YOUR OWN DESIRES



Reviving Intimacy: LETTING IT BURN



Resolving Conflicts with Love: CLOSING THE GAP




Building a Shared Future: LOVE ALCHEMY

Why this

Course Is

Ideal For


- Tailored for Marriage and Commitment: Specifically designed for women in or seeking monogamous, long-term, committed love relationships.

- Everyday, Applicable Practice for Deeper Embodiment: Focused exercises to apply directly to your marriage or relationship journey.

- Expert-Led Insights: Benefit from Jacqueline's decades of experience guiding women towards fulfilling relationships.

Who Will

This course is a perfect fit for women who:

- Are committed to deepening the emotional and intimate bond in their {existing or desired} marriage.

- Seek a meaningful, lasting commitment and are ready to take the next steps in its evolution. 

- Wish to create a new experience of the joy and passion in their long-term relationship.

what you didn't even know existed will become revealed...

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Testimonials From Women Like You:

I’m loving, loving, loving the class. Man, you are something else. Power and beauty and love and wisdom. I’m so impressed and so grateful for all of this teaching and what it’s reminding me of, and what it’s stirring up in me, and the healing that’s happening in me as we go along. 


What you have to teach, what you are teaching, who you are - women need to hear. This needs to get out so that women can be validated and learn that they have to choose themselves. This is huge, it’s a revolution in feminine thinking. It’s exciting and feels wide, wide open. 



You are a very grounded and wise woman and I appreciate the way you teach so much.


My experience of DEEPER allowed me to recognise and decend even deeper into what feels like the emergence of a new season for my woman. 

I turned 31 during this week of Deeper.

The woman I am now, feels so very different to the woman of my 20s.

I am not yet in relationship, however this re-imprinting felt so deliciously potent.

The remembrance of my innate feminine power, the gift that is my heart came through Jacqueline, spoke through Jacqueline and moved through me viscerally.

I am not yet in relationship, but I know I desire a deeply intimate connection with a man of the earth.


The True Love Marriage Template reminds me of the space to which I wish to live from, beyond all of the old stories and past imprints. 

Reminding myself how much of a gift my heart is, and how deeply nourishing it is to be with my woman. Here now in this new season of my life.

When I do meet him, Deeper, is the only energetic template I wish to be in with that man, but of course, first with my woman.

Thank you for gifting us your heart and precious pure soul sweet Jacqueline.

It truly was a gorgeous experience for my woman.


DEEPER touched my everything.  Through this journey I was able to reclaim parts of myself which have been institutionally, culturally, or inherently distorted, abandoned, rejected. I have been granted the gift to Know myself anew, and love her deeply, both as my own Woman, and beyond - ready and willing to receive the Love in all the ways it *truly wants ME. I wholly believe it is no mistake that my relationship (and my body!) reflected this deepening as I walked this journey - in every way - as Jacqueline's delivery of the energetic groundwork turned everything ON HIGH. DEEPER, indeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


DEEPER was an opportunity for me to see my feelings and situation are not singular. There are others who are and have gone through what I experience. Thankfully there is a way through with choice, forgiveness, blind faith, grace, and presence. It was an opportunity to get deeper into myself and focus on me, my triggers and traumas in an effort to stop projecting. I can't look to him to save or fix things. I realize even with the work I've done, there is more work and growth to be had. I'm interested to see what else shifts and unfolds from this new found wisdom. Thank you for this opportunity!

Over 60 Women Said Yes to Deeper in its first offering. Their lives are forever altered as they feel more alive within themselves and more intimately connected to the love and man they desire. 

Transform Your Relationship *Now. 

Deeper is a 5 Session, Self-Study Course and Experience in Feminine and Relationship intimacy. 

Includes 4 Transformative Teachings + 1 Highly Alchemizing Guided Journey
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DEEPER: 5 Days to Intimate Connection



Transform Your Marriage or Path to Commitment

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