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The HeArt of Feminine Prayer




Three Sessions


About the Course

There is a beautifully unique artistry to the practice and power of feminine prayer. Her Art to impact the world must originate and become birthed through the purity, desire, intention and compassion of her Heart. Together these two elements combine within a Woman to become a channel of grace, healing, change and beauty in the world around her. As one woman deepens into the energies, she touches another, who touches another....and on it goes, weaving an exquisite web of divine creation to the ends of the earth.

Our gift to open and commune in a trinity of expressions is the focus of Jaqueline's voice transmissions in this series. Opening the energetic frequency, she channels the elegance of prayer as 'whispered' through each woman's unique signature. From the intimate space of her own internal devotion to the offering of her service and love to the world, each woman is received into the collective HeArt of Feminine Prayer as well as within and between the most ordinary moments of her life.

In the words of Caroline Myss - Jacqueline's mystical teacher - we have evolved from the days of leaving our world and the people we love to join the convent, serve in a temple or live in isolated retreat. The Divine Mandate of our time is to become 'mystics without monasteries' - to embody and imbue the grace of divinity through our life, our words, our relationships and creative expressions.

As the Age of Aquarius rapidly evolves within and round us, we are newly crafting the simplicity of community, of living upon and with the earth, of appreciating the elevated within the mundane.

The HeArt of Feminine Prayer is a divinely channeled intensive for a Woman to not only connect to her own power of prayerful engagement, but to fall in love with her self, her movements in this world and the aspects and people of her life.

Jacqueline's most current transmission in present time. The HeArt of Feminine Prayer was recorded live in July 2023.

Your Instructor

Jacqueline L. Robinson

Jacqueline L. Robinson

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