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A Woman and Her God




One Hour


About the Course

A Woman and Her God moves through the delicate feminine folds of her relationship with the Divine in the trinity form of




Through the lens of each, feminine mysteries of mystical love and union are revealed. A Woman in devotion to the Masculine, God and Men.

This transmission was recorded from within the radiant warmth of a beautifully remote yurt in the north woods of Georgia - imbued with the breath of God, blessed by Gaian earth energies.

Jacqueline's last publicly held teleclass was recorded in January of 2020 - just a week or two following her own Pandora's Box of THE intimate Telling to her husband George. (The details of which are openly and very personally by both Jacqueline + George in Season 1 of The Intimate Feminine podcast in the summer/autumn of 2022.)

Your Instructor

Jacqueline L. Robinson

Jacqueline L. Robinson

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